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Remarkable radio mentors join Halls of Fame (May 20, 2010)

CQ Magazine's 2010 inductees to the CQ Contest and DX Halls of Fame

Congratulations to Don Hill AA5AU on being inducted into the CQ Contest Hall of Fame. As many have observed, this is a most deserved honor. Don has been a mentor to thousands, and his efforts have helped change the face of contesting by building participation -- not just for RTTY contesting, but for all modes.

RTTY is a gateway mode, and I know first-hand how it builds interest in a wide swath of contesting. It's easy once you "get the hang of it" but the challenge is the steep learning curve, and that's where Don has shown tremendous vision and the will to make a difference.

Don's RTTY elmering site, his on-air demeanor (unflappable gentleman is a term that comes to mind) as well as his proven results and contester's spirit -- witness his triumphs over Katrina -- are inspiring.

Don's AA5AU RTTY site

All the hams sharing DX and Contest Hall of Fame induction with Don this year are most deserving. For me, Bob Locher W9KNI's induction is particularly meaningful. His skillfully prepared DXer's Diary stories in Ham Radio magazine were very special vignettes that drew me into this hobby.

Given to an eager teenager by an oldtimer or two in the early 1980s, I still have those dogeared editions and return to them occasionally for inspiration and to reminisce.

In the nearly three decades since I first read Bob's words, many a long night has been enjoyed at the radio chasing DX. The golden glow of tubes has given way to subtle hues of fluorescent blue over the paddles, but W9KNI has always been part of the experience. Bob sparked something deeply meaningful that would not have existed without his influence.

It is a pleasure to say thank you to Don and Bob, and the entire group this year, for making our fine endeavor even more enjoyable, and more accessible to future hams.

Bob's The Complete DXer book info