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Contest scores

  • VA7ST is the primary callsign for contesting these days... shorter for CW.
  • Used VE7ASK callsign for many contests in 2002 and the first half of 2003.
  • Watch for VA7ST in CW, RTTY and the odd SSB contest.




Contesting -- Event-Based Radio

Few weekends go by that I can't be heard somewhere on the HF bands playing (or working hard) in one contest or another. I participate in all the big events -- CQWW, ARRL DX, North American Sprints and QSO Parties.

I'm also in SARTG, BARTG, SCC, SAC, IARU HF World Championships, TARA PSK Rumble, Makrothen RTTY, WAEDC, and dozens of other contests across the calendar, including several state QSO parties (California and Washington are my faves).

You will not often hear me in SSB contests. It's not that I don't like working phone, but the SSB mode takes more antenna power than I have had since I started avid contesting in 2002. I'm saving SSB contesting as a new mode to enjoy if CW and RTTY contests ever grow old. They won't, though.

For the past two years, I have been one of the more active HF contest operators in British Columbia (certainly on a logs-submitted basis). Among the most active, yes, but far from the most successful, hi. Check out my contest scores for evidence of that.

Jim Smith, VE7FO, in Vancouver, may participate in a few more contests during the year -- he is one of the few people I know who loves contesting as much as I do, and he's often way up in the standings. His stories on the 3830 Contest reflector are entertaining and detailed -- great reading for any contest afficionado.

I do not have an amplifier, so all my operations are in the Low Power (100-watts or less) classes. If I have the option, I will almost always choose to run in the all-band category, too. Part of the fun is moving through the bands following the propagation as the day progresses into night into morning.

3830 Contest Score Rumors
The latest claimed scores submitted by participants in most of the major contests. Super place to find out how the "other guys" did.

SM3CER Contest Calendar
A comprehensive list of contests, organized by month. Includes links to past results, the most recent rules, and contest sponsor Web sites.

HF Radio Propagation Alerts
Don't be surprised by radio conditions. NW7US keeps us informed about solar conditions and their expected impact on radio propagation. Be sure to sign up for the e-mail bulletin service!

N1MM Logger
This is the contest logging software I have come to depend on most. Covers just about all the major contests for CW and RTTY. Many use its digital voice keying (DVK) features for SSB contesting, too. The program is very powerful, it's supported by an amazing team of programmers, and it's free. Now that's a nice set of features.