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Using N1MM Logger to log multiple QSO Parties

Posted May 2, 2008
Updated Jan. 30, 2012

As of 2010, N1MM Logger was updated to support multiple-QSO Party logging. For users who are "out-of-state" for the IN, NEWE, or 7QP QSO parties, log all contests in one log and send the same cabrillo file to all sponsors.

Refer to the new instructions for using N1MM Logger to log the 7QP, Indiana, New England and Zero-Land QSO Parties.

(Note: N1MM Logger's online documentation doesn't allow deep linking to the specific section that covers logging for multiple QSO Parties. I have copied the relevant section here)

Section 5.1: Same weekend: 7QP, Indiana QSO Party, New England QSO Party, and Zeroland QSO Party

"Four QSO parties - the 7QP (7th Call Area QSO Party), Indiana QSO Party, New England QSO Party, and the Zeroland QSO Party - are all on the same weekend.

"Since 2010, the program software allows users to log stations active in all four QSO parties and automatically determine the state multiplier from the received exchange (other contest county exchange). Log the exact exchange that is receive and send the same cabrillo output to all four contest sponsors.

"If you are an "in-state" user of one of these QSO parties, select the appropriate state party option in the QSO party contest selector. If you are "out-of-state" for all contests this weekend, select the IN7QPNE option in the dropdown state selector. The instructions are the same, log the exchange that you receive and send the same cabrillo file without editing to all four sponsors. All sponsors re-calculate the score of all submissions.